Friday, 15 May 2015

Exclusive: Men's Rights Early Documentary Proof Rediscovered

GamerGate and other political (but also apolitical and objective) organisations have ensured that Men’s Rights (a.k.a Menism) has finally been getting some airtime recently with stories such as, Mad Max: Fury Road enrages Men’s Rights Activists who claim they are being duped into watching ‘feminist propaganda’ from the The Independent and this from The Mary Sue, Here’s The Joke Tim Schafer Made That Has Gamergate Freaking Out but do not let this recent activity fool you into believing that Menism has no history supporting it. It has, and we have the proof.

The video below is part of a British Broadcasting Corporation (the State controlled but in this case freedom-loving BBC TV) docu-drama that was broadcast publicly in 1980 following the rise to power of the history’s first female world leader, Margaret Thatcher. As Wikipedia explains:

Another memorable serial was The Worm That Turned (1980); Diana Dors guest-starred in this piece of dystopian fiction set in 2012 in which women rule Britain. Male and female gender roles are completely reversed, even down to men having women’s names and vice versa. Men are housekeepers and wear women’s clothes, and law and order is managed by female guards.

So yes, friends, the crushing of Men’s Rights, of men as equal human beings, has long been a concern with its roots firmly embedded in history. The question you may wish to pose to yourself and your bros, however, is: “Why was this series withdrawn from broadcast and never seen after its first airing in 1980?” The answers are both obviously shocking and telling in this unbrave new world that Men find themselves forced to inhabit. For now, enjoy the drama.

Over and out friends – your pal, Glen Barkdale!

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Exclusive: Men's Rights Early Documentary Proof Rediscovered